Should I acknowledge the HCBI in publications?

YES!  This is how we justify our existence and continue to provide you with the best imaging resources available!  We suggest the following text in the acknowledgements section of your paper:

"We thank the Harvard Center for Biological Imaging for infrastructure and support."

If you used the ELYRA please also include a reference to the S10 grant used to purchase this microscope:

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Where are you located?

The HCBI is located in Room 2052 of the Biological Laboratories on Harvard's Cambridge campus.

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ZEN Black stalls at 2% and will not initialize. How do I fix this?

This often occurs on the LSM 780, 2-Photon, and ELYRA systems.  The acquisition computer has not established communication with the real time computer (RTC). 

To avoid this, follow this startup procedure:

1) Turn on "Main Switch"

2) Turn on "Systems/PC"

3) Turn ON computer and wait for it to boot, log in with your RC account

4) Turn ON "Components"

5) Wait 30 seconds, then open ZEN

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Why are there two calendars for the Cell Observer and Lightsheet microscopes?

As both of these systems are designed for long-term live cell imaging (potentially up to multiple days), bookings from 9AM Monday - 8PM Tuesday are limited to 4 hours.  This ensures access for people performing short-term experiments.  From 8PM Tuesday, until 9AM Monday there are no time restrictions on the length of an experiment.  Please use the "short-term" calendar for bookings on Mondays and Tuesday, and the "time-lapse" calendar for bookings for the rest of the week.

How do I get after-hours access to the HCBI?

The HCBI doors are unlocked 9AM-7PM Monday to Friday.  If you require access to the facility outside these hours, and have completed your general lab safety training and the commercial laser safety training programs through the EHS website, you can request after-hours access from hcbi_admin@fas.harvard.edu.  After-hours access is only granted to undergrads after they have been using the facility for a few weeks and demonstrate that they are well versed in the use of the equipment (this does not apply to courses using the …

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