Harvard Center for Biological Imaging
FY17 Fee Schedule
(July 1, 2016 -June 30, 2017)

Base rate: hourly rate for experiments lasting 8 hours or less as determined by the researcher's cumulative hourly usage of HCBI microscopes (excludes Workstations and X-Clarity tissue clearing system usage) during the current fiscal year (July 1 -June 30). This is a volume discounting rate structure where hourly fees decrease the more the facility is used.

Time-Lapse Discount: experiments lasting longer than 8 hours will be charged the base rate for hours 0-8; hours thereafter will be billed at the time-lapse discount hourly rate.

TIER I Microscopes:
Lightsheet, 2-Photon, LSM 880 confocals, ELYRA,

TIER II Microscopes:
LSM 700 confocal, Axio Scan, Axio Zoom, Cell Observer, PASCAL, 510 confocals

Internal Users (requires payment via 33-digit Harvard billing code)

TierRate (first 50 hours of usage)Rate (hours 51-100)Rate (hours>100)Time-Lapse Discount

Users from Harvard Affiliated Institutions & Hospitals

TierRate (first 50 hours of usage)Rate (hours 51-100)Rate (hours>100)Time-Lapse Discount

External Academic Users

TierRate (first 50 hours of usage)Rate (hours 51-100)Rate (hours>100)Time-Lapse Discount

External Commercial Users

TierRate (first 50 hours of usage)Rate (hours 51-100)Rate (hours>100)Time-Lapse Discount


X-Clarity Tissue Clearing System

All Users

3-day Workshop

Harvard and Harvard affiliate: $200
External Academic and Commercial: $400

*includes 1.2 L of ETC solution and sample holder.

Rates subject to change as necessary to comply with HU Service Center Policy.

Fees are billed according to reserved time in SPINAL the login/logout timestamp on the microscope acquisition computer, or combination thereof (whichever is longer). Reservations can be cancelled up to 15 minutes in advance.  No shows are billed at the full rate.