HCBI COVID Safety Regulations

Please review and respect all safety guidlines below when working in the HCBI:


1) To enter the HCBI, you must have an approved sample submission ticket (wait for confirmation email).

2) DO NOT enter until the beginning of your 'shift' and do not saty beyond the end of the shift unless you have been approved by Doug for multiple entries.

Shift #1: 7 AM - Noon
Shift #2: 1 PM - 6 PM
Shift #3: 7 PM - 6 AM (next morning)

3) A clearance pass from Crimson Clear must be obtained before entering Biolabs.

4) Building access must be added to your Harvard ID card (email Connor)

5) A maximum of 3 persons are permitted in the facility (rooms 2052/2044) simultaneously.

6) Masks must always be worn.

7) Hand sanitizer (yellow squirt bottles) must be applied on entry and exit to the facility.

8) Prescription glasses or safety goggles must be worn when using a microscope with eye pieces.

9) All contact surfaces must be disinfected with 70% ethanol (red squirt bottles) at the end of each imaging session.

10) All users must enter through the 2052 door (near poster printer) and exit the facility through the 2044 door (near fire alarm system).

11) DO NOT use HCBI processing workstations in person. These are only availible via remote connection from your home or lab.