How to Reserve Microscopes and Workstations

Due to COVID-19 dedensification restrictions, the HCBI is currently operating at reduced capacity. All reservations must be placed at least 24 hours in advance to ensure compliance. Users are now able to access the facility Monday-Sunday in one of three shifts (7AM-noon; 1PM-6PM or 7PM-6AM (next morning)). Please be patient as we do our best to fulfil all of your requests for training, microscope and workstation use. The scheduling is very complex.

Please follow the instructions below to reserve a time on a microscope or workstation:

1) Ensure you have Registered to use the HCBI and have received Training from an HCBI staff member.

2) Ensure you have ID card access to the Biolabs and HCBI (email Connor)

3) Review the HCBI safety regulations.

4) Navigate to our Reservation Site and select one of the three Independent Imaging shifts or a Workstation.


5) Select the date you would like to reserve and the microscope/workstation from the dropdown menu (this is NOT optional!). If 4 microscopes already show "Not availible" in red, your request will be rejected. Highlight the starting time of the shift. 


6) Enter your name, email and phone number and any additional info the HCBI staff should know (such as: special objective or stage requirements).


7) If you have reserved a Workstation, you will receive an email 24 hours prior to the reservation containing the TeamViewer connection details. Please DO NOT log out of Windows when you are done. Click here for more details on how to remotely connect to the HCBI's workstations.


Finally, our hourly fees can be found here.