Registration and Training

Note: New User training will resume Monday Sept 28th, 2020

You are not permitted to reserve independent imaging on a microscope until you have had at least one training session with HCBI staff!

Prior to making a training reservation

1) Complete the Registration procedure.
2) Ensure you have building access by emailing Connor.
3) Obtain a personal face shield to be worn along with your Harvard issued face mask. 
4) Have your FAS Research Computing user name and password memorized or written down.
5) Navigate to our Reservation Site and select a trainer:


6) Select the date you would like to be trained, the microscope or workstation from the drop-down menu (this is not optional!). If 4 microscopes already show "Not availible" in red, your request will be rejected. Select either the morning (7AM) or afternoon (1PM) shift (don't worry, these aren't the actual times for the training). **Trainings must be reserved 24 hours in advance. If no times appear, choose a different trainer or date.

Training #2

7) Provide your name, email and phone number and any additional notes you have for the trainer.

Training #3

8) Select a starting time for your training and acknowledge that you will bring your own face mask and face shield.

Training 4

Don't forget to bring your Research Computing login and password to the training!

The first 15 mins of the training will be conducted in person, the remaing portion of the training will be complete remotely via ZOOM. Please bring a ZOOM enabled device. The ZOOM meeting ID and password will be posted throughout the facility.