SPINAL is requesting an expense/billing code, how do I get one?

Instructions for requesting a billing code 


1. Log into SPINAL (https://webapps.sciences.fas.harvard.edu/spinal/).

2. Under "Resources" locate the microscope you'd like to reserve.

3. Click on the "(NOTE: expense code needed)" link.

4. Complete brief online form. (If you are an undergrad or G1 choose Sarah Elwell as your lab admin!)

5. An email will be sent to the lab admin requesting that they enter the expense code.

6. Once the coding has been entered you will get an email letting you know that you can now make reservations.

7. Every night a script is run that adds your expense code(s) to all microscopes in the HCBI. This eliminates the need to submit coding requests for each microscope you wish to use.