• Koehler illumination and DIC configuration for inverted and upright microscopes
  • All HCBI coverslip corrected objectives are corrected for #1.5 Coverslips. Please ensure you are ONLY using #1.5 slips.
  • The HCBI recomends Prolong Glass (hard mount) or Slow Fade Glass (soft mount) mounting media. We do NOT recomend using moutning media with DAPI pre-mixed into it. This causes substantial background. Nuclear dyes should be applied with/after your secondary antibodies and washed extensively before mounting.





  1. Gene Panel Design - This is completed on the Vizgen website and is at minimum a 4-6 week process. A guide to the Gene panel Design can be found here.
  2. The HCBI does NOT provide any reagents or equipment required for sample prep. A list of all required general lab reagents and equipment can be found here.
  3. A list of reagents/equipment to order from Vizgen can be found here (from Dec 2021, prices subject to change).
  4. The sample prep protocol can be found here.
  5. A video introduction to the Vizgen Vizualizer software can be found here


Tissue Clearing


Axio Scan


PALM Laser Microdissection




LSM 780/880






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