Koehler illumination and DIC configuration for inverted and upright microscopes

All HCBI coverslip corrected objectives are corrected for #1.5 Coverslips. Please ensure you are ONLY using #1.5 slips.

Click here for the HCBI's recommendations for mounting media.  See also this great document from UCSF.


Lightsheet consumables(HCBI recommended suppliers)
Guide to Lightsheet sample prep (Zeiss)
Click here to view a video of Lightsheet sample prep (Zeiss)
Guide to stitching tiles with Arivis software

Tissue Clearing

Clearing with CLARITY and the X-CLARITY ETC system
Immunostaining for cleared tissue (from Renier et al., Cell, 2016)

Axio Scan

Axio Scan Application Guide

PALM Laser Microdissection

Immunohistochemistry on frozen sections prior to microdissection and RNA extraction
Sample staining, mounting, and cutting for RNA extraction
Quickguide to PALM microdissection consumables
RNA extraction from formalin fixed paraffin embedded (FFPE) sections
RNA extraction from frozen sectionsImmunofluorescence on frozen sections


Multi-color channel alignment 
PALM/STORM sample prep

LSM 780/880

Guide to FCS experiments


Tiling and focusing with ZEN Blue




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