Workstation Access - Holyoke: hcbiview01-10

This page explains how to connect to the "hcbiview" remote servers in Holyoke. These are currently used for image analysis with Imaris, Arivis Vision 4D, Zen, Fiji/ImageJ and Cell Profiler software packages.

To remotely connect to the ZEN workstations in rooms 2052/2058 of the HCBI, use the instructions here.


To connect to an hcbiview remote workstation:

1) Navigate to our reservation calendar, SPINAL, and reserve an "hcbiview" remote workstation.



hcbiview01 is reserved for Imaris users only.

hcbiview02-04 are reserved for Arivis users.

hcbiview05-10 are for open source programs such as Fiji/ImageJ and Cell Profiler or Zen users


2) Connect to the Research Computing VPN. For instructions on how to connect to the RC VPN, click here.


          User name: *Your RC/SPINAL Username*@fasrc
          2 factor: OpenAuth token


3) Download (if using a MAC), and open, Windows Remote Desktop Connection


4) Enter the computer name and click "Connect".

All HCBI remote workstations are named as follows: (replace XX with the number of the workstation you are trying to connect to: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, or 10).

remote desktop connection


5) Next, you will enter your RC credentials.

You will first need to click on "More choices" to access the RC Domain.



6) Click on "Use a different account".

In the first text box, enter "rc\**your rc user name**". You will see the Domain change to "rc". In the second text box, enter your RC password. You can check "Remember me" to skip adding your username in the future. Click "OK."

more credentials


7) A security warning will appear.

You can check "Don't ask me again for connections to this computer" and click "Yes."



8) You should now be connected to the remote workstation


9) DO NOT move/save data onto the hcbiview workstations (neither C\: nor D:\ drives.

All of the hcbishare servers are automatically mapped when you log in. Due to the ultra-fast network connection, these serve as "virtual hard dives" for the hcbiview workstations and your data should always remain on them.


10) IT IS CRITICAL that you DISCONNECT at the end of your session (according to your SPINAL reservation).

Failure to do so will result in HCBI staff having to force quit your connection. We are not responsible for lost data if this occurs.