Registration and Training

You are not permitted to reserve independent imaging on a microscope until you have had at least one training session with the HCBI/Optical Imaging Core staff!

Prior to making a training reservation

1) Complete the Registration procedure.

2) If you plan to image at night/on weekends, ensure you have building access by emailing Connor

3) Have your FAS Research Computing user name and password memorized or written down.

4) Navigate to our reservation calendar (SPINAL). Under each microscope you should see a link that says "Expense Code needed." Click on this link and find your lab administrator from the list (undergrads, G1s, and Simmons awardees should select "Connor Crowley") and request they add an expense code.

5) Once the expense code has been added to your account, return to SPINAL and reserve a microscope. Training reservations must be for a minimum of 2 hours and occur between 9AM-12PM or 1PM-5PM.


6) You must also reserve the same block of time on a trainer's calendar. If no trainer is availible, return to the microscope calendar and select a new time.


7) Email your trainer to let them know which microscope you reserved, what sample you are bringing, and your experience level with microscopy.

Don't forget to bring a face mask and your Research Computing login and password to the training!