Who can become a registered user of the HCBI?

The Harvard Center for Biological Imaging is open to the entire Harvard Community as well as all external academic and commercial researchers.

How can I register to use the HCBI?

Steps 1-4 can be completed in unison -

  1. Contact Doug Richardson ( to arrange a time to discuss your project.
  2. Download and complete the Project Registration Form (all users).
  3. Download and complete the  Memorandum of Understanding (external and Harvard affiliated hospital and research institute users only).
  4. Download and complete the Simmons Awards Form (Harvard G1 Rotation students only).
  5. Email completed forms to
  6. You will receive a registration confirmation email from Connor Crowley outlining the process to obtain a Harvard ID (if required), a research computing account (if required), and request a billing/expense code from your lab administrator.

How can I be trained on the HCBI's microscopes?

  1. Ensure your expense code is in place and you have access to SPINAL.
  2. Prepare a sample.
  3. In SPINAL, reserve 2-3 hours on the microscope you would like to be trained on
  4. Reserve the SAME time slot on one of the training calendars in SPINAL (see below).
  5. Email your trainer with the following details: date/time of reservation, microscope chosen, description of sample, how it’s mounted, and which fluorophores were used to stain it.

Which training calendar should I use?

Sven Terclavers trains on all microscopes, his training calendar is here.
Dave Smith trains on all confocals, the AxioScan, and AxioZoom (Tuesdays and Wednesdays only). Dave’s training calendar is here.
Doug Richardson is available for advanced technique training. Make reservations here.

How do I get after hours access?
  1. Within 30 days of activating your HCBI account, you must complete Commercial Laser Microscope safety training. Please log into EH&S' Training Management System to complete this online training.
  2. After-hours access must be requested via email to after all required safety trainings have been completed.

How much does this all cost?

Registration and training are FREE! For a table outlining the HCBI's hourly fee structure click here. Fiscal Year 2017 fees can be found here.

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