Who can become a registered user of the HCBI?

The Harvard Center for Biological Imaging is open to any academic or commercial researcher regardless of affiliation.


1. Obtain a Research Computing login and password. You will need this EVERY time you come to the HCBI to login to the microscope. You can request your account here. Please select Shanna DeBlieck as your PI and Connor Crowley as your approver.

2a. If you are an internal user (i.e. you have access to a 33-digit Harvard Billing Code): Complete the Project Registration Form.  Connor Crowley ( will send you further instructions on how to complete your registration and safety training.

2b. If you are a Harvard affiliate or external user (i.e. you DO NOT have access to a Harvard 33-digit code and will pay by Purchase Order: Complete the Project Registration Form and return a signed copy of the Memo of Understanding and a Purchase Order (Minimum $500) to Connor Crowley Connor will send you further instructions on how to complete your registration and safety training.

Members of the MIT community should complete the MIT-specific MOU.
Members of The Whitehead Institute should complete the Whitehead-specific MOU.
Members of The Broad Institute should complete The Broad-specific MOU.

3. The Biological Laboratories and HCBI are now locked 24/7. If you are an external user, you will need to obtain a Harvard ID card to access the building. Connor Crowley can assist with this.

4. All HCBI users who are on campus more than 4 hours/week must enroll in Harvard's COVID19 testing program. Contact Doug Richardson to arrange for this.

5. Contact a amember of the HCBI training team ( to discuss which microscope is best suited to your project and how to prepare your sample.


Registration and training are FREE! For a table outlining the HCBI's hourly fee structure click here.

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