How to Reserve Microscopes and Workstations

Due to COVID-19 dedensification restrictions, the HCBI is currently operating at reduced capacity. SPINAL currently allows a maximum of 6 concurrent microscope reservations and requires a minimum of 30 minutes between reservations. Workstations are only permitted to be used remotely.

Please follow the instructions below to reserve a time on a microscope or workstation:

1) Ensure you have Registered to use the HCBI and have received Training from an HCBI staff member.

2) Ensure you have ID card access to the Biolabs and HCBI (email Connor)

3) Navigate to our reservation calendar, SPINAL, and reserve a microscope or workstation.


4) If you have reserved a Workstation, click here for more details on how to remotely connect to the HCBI's workstations.

Finally, our hourly fees can be found here.




Imaris Arivis Tiling/Stitching Airyscan SIM Lightsheet PALM/STORM Intellesis Deconvolution FIJI/ImageJ
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Available Software: